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Voice Over Jobs: How To Get Paying Voice Over Jobs Online

October 11, 2012

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Voice Over Services: Looking for Professional Voice Over Services?

September 13, 2012

Voice Over Services: – Terry Daniel is a professional voice over talent who provides high-quality voice over services for any kind of product or service you want to promote.


Voice Over Production: How to Get High Quality Voice Over Productions for Your Media!

September 4, 2012

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Five Easy Steps In Hiring A Voice Over Talent On The Web

November 10, 2008

Though there is certainly no shortage of potential voice over talent for the hiring, picking through the thousands available to find the voice actor that is perfect for the job can seem like a daunting task.  Since the actor or actress you choose will affect the tone and message of your project, it’s essential to make the right selection.

Those working on multimedia would be wise to take advantage of the great online resources available.  Need a script?  There are plenty of script databases available on the web, and some of them are even free.  In order to make the hiring process quicker and more efficient, you can peruse potential hires’ websites, which will often contain portfolios. This will help narrow your field of candidates, and give you an idea of what  to expect from a candidate early on.  In addition to checking out voice talent’s rsums and portfolios, some even use the Internet to conduct interviews.

Though the web can definitely make your search for talent quicker and more efficient,  without the appropriate strategy it can turn into a gigantic waste of time. Potential voice actors you find online, for example, may not be as reliable as they first appear, and may delay your progress by failing to submit their samples in a timely manner. These kinds of obstacles can be easily surmounted, however, with a little bit of know-how.  Here are some valuable tips on hiring voice talent on the web:

1.  After you you initially contact a potential hire, ask for a sample of their work.  If the person in question is the true professional they claim to be, they will have .mpeg samples on hand to send to you, or will direct you to a site where you can heir their work.  This first step goes a long way towards weeding out candidates who aren’t serious about getting the job.

2. Ask that all potential candidates submit a formal rsum. Professional voice talent should also have no trouble providing you with a rsum  that exhibits their work experience.  You will also want to check in on two or more of your potential hire’s references, to get an accurate and balanced picture of his or her ability.

3. Ask the candidate for a preferred rate.  You should make sure you understand how much the actor would like to be paid, and when.  Actors may want to be compensated either per hour or per project, and though some do not mind being compensated on delivery, others may want a portion up front.

4. Conduct a telephone interview. Telephone interviews are best for any talent you may not have the opportunity to meet with in person. Telephone interviews can touch upon previous work, a brief script reading, and to gauge the confidence level of your candidate.

5. Ask if your voice talent is equipped to provide services digitally.  It is increasingly common for voice over artists to set up studios in their own homes.  If your actor or actress is able to record his or her performance from home and send it to you over the Internet, this means that you will save on the costs associated with travel and the shipping of tapes.


Your Business Will Benefit From Hiring A Voice Over Actor

July 8, 2008

No matter how badly you think you need to save money, it is never a good idea for a merchant to read his own commercial—unless, of course, he has a talent for it. The truth is, however, that most people don’t. They may succeed in giving their commercial an air of originality, but that isn’t a good thing if it results in people laughing at your commercial. And people are less likely to purchase your product or service if they don’t respect you.

Many people mistakenly underestimate the importance of the voice over talent they use when approaching the public, because many people mistakenly believe that all they have to do to sell their product or service is to let people know that it’s there. As long as they do something memorable, people will buy from them, right? Wrong. They may remember the guy with the funny voice or the guy who read in a monotone or tried to act out a little skit with his brother, but they’ll buy from the guy who hired a professional to do his commercial.

And that is the heart of the matter. There is a purpose behind buying airtime and creating a commercial—you are trying to convince people to do something. You’re trying to talk them out of their hard-earned cash, to come and give it to you in exchange for what you have to offer. You are trying, in other words, to impress them. If they sense that you didn’t care enough about your marketing to do it correctly, then they will not be impressed. In fact, if you attempt to convince them using a very bad commercial, they may even feel as though you are insulting their intelligence, and that is definitely something you don’t want.

When your commercial airs, it should sound professional. This makes you look professional. It may be the first contact a potential customer has with your business. In this way, your commercial is like your clothing. You wouldn’t wear something sloppy and poorly assembled to go meet a client, so why would you present them with a sloppy and poorly assembled piece of advertising? Even though the voice telling the world about your service has nothing to do with how well you do what you do, in the same way the state of your clothing has nothing to do with how good you are at your job, you want to make the best impression possible with that voice, just as you would with your suit.

So what are the elements of a well-read commercial that a professional voice-over artist can give you? Professionalism is one very important thing that you will get. Your brother-in-law can’t give you that in reading your commercial, because he doesn’t know how. Just because he’s been speaking all his life doesn’t mean that he does it well. In fact, most people don’t speak well. Speaking well is partly about pronouncing the words clearly so that people can understand, and partly about doing that so that it sounds natural.

Everyone in need of a commercial has to do it in the way they think is best, of course. For some it actually may not matter if they put out a professional-sounding commercials. Some customers may truly not care. However, someone who wants potential customers to associate his business with a voice that sounds professional, then it is vitally important that he hire a professional to do the talking.


Narrations and jingles can have a strong impact on customers!

April 7, 2008

In today’s fast-paced world of internet communication it’s easy to forget about the success of “old-school” advertising. Today, marketing is driven by websites, blogs and email; such as, podcasts, vlogging, and multimedia on the internet. This means your business needs a marketing strategy that includes voice overs, creative photography, and videos.

Before the internet and T.V., the world tuned into the radio to get their daily news as well as the advertisements that accompanied them. Voice over actors were in high demand back then since many businesses turned to radio to advertise and promote their products and services. By the time T.V. arrived, everyone was already used to ‘hearing’ a lot of advertisements; television took this to a whole new level with images and even more sound.

Fast forward 50 years and the public is turning to a new medium for entertainment and information; the world wide web has grown to become one of the leading technologies for marketing and advertising, and encourages many people to simply read pitches and sales letters as oppose to listening to them. Never the less, this is quickly evolving with the introduction of other multimedia such as online video, podcasting across the internet.

Now that podcasting and blogging are becoming ubiquitous, every company needs a powerful message that sticks with listeners and readers so they can remember the brand for the long-term. The same effect that the radio had on the listening audience in the 1050’s is coming back in full swing with online advertising, video commercials, and podcasts. Voice actors and actresses now play an important role in delivering your business’s marketing message, slogan, and can even elevate your brand. Hiring the best voice over talent (with the assistance of a voice over agency) is a simple approach to creating advertisement that attracts new prospects immediately.

Voice talent can be applied to little commercials, introducing products on a web page, podcasting, or creating a radio ad. If you’re thinking about producing a television commercial, you will need a voice over actor to perform the narration so that it is professional and produces the type of result you need.

For businesses that want a competitive edge on the web – voice overs are becoming more and more vital to their success. Musical narrations, songs and jingles can still have a strong impact on customers and visitors, and are necessary when you’re advertising on the radio as part of your marketing plan. Introducing voice overs into your advertising messages helps to strengthen your brand, create an identity, and even build stronger relationships with new customers.

As more people turn to audio and video segments on the web, print advertising may have less and less impact. Why bother investing your marketing budget in an area where people are evenpaying attention? Commercials and audio segments that are produced with voice actors can produce the result you desire to make your marketing message soar above from the competition.


Sooner or Later You’ll Need A Voice Over

January 22, 2008

From TV commercials and radio-ads, locating the best voice over talent for your marketing and image is crucial part of your marketing efforts. A voice over plays a role in educating, persuading, entertaining, and creating interest from your target-market. No matter what kind of advertisement or message you are looking to promote, a voice over artist can assist you in creating the dynamic message you need.

Locating the best match for your voice over artist is essential in modern societies competitive market; you must create and advertising message that resonates with your clients and helps to ensure that your business stands above the competition. The hiring process can be lengthy, but finding a voice talent agent can help make it easier to locate the best fit. Still, there are several ways to find someone who can assist you in developing the right marketing and advertising message you need. These are some basic do’s and don’ts when hiring voice over talent for your marketing campaign.

Do request references. Learning how the voice artist has worked with other companies and clients can supply some wisdom on how well they might fit with your company’s goals and objectives.

Don’t listen to only one example. Ask for at least three to five different samples that show how flexible and adaptable the voice over talent may be. Professional voice over artists should be able to create a bunch of voice overs and customize their style to meet the needs of your desired communication.

Do request more than the initial interview. The first interview may just be to cover the person’s qualifications and learn about their background. The second and third interview may include some additional evaluations, so plan ahead and create a series of interviews to focus your choice.

Don’t skip the talent that’s online. Many talented voice over artists can now be found online, and have developed their own webpage and portfolio for your review. This can make hiring much easier, and you will have a far greater understanding of their background with the audio files and related-links that are available on their website.

Do select a voice that complements your target audience. Customers in your target market are much more likely to resonate with someone who sounds like their own neighbors and coworkers. Take the time to locate at least three unique qualities or characteristics of your target market, and look for voice over artists with the same traits.

Don’t forget to request ask for demo tapes or CDs. You can review these after your meeting, and having them around can help you compare them to all the other voice artists with ease. Keep track of those demo-tapes and audio snippets so you can do an ‘apples to apples’ comparison when it comes time to choose your finalist.

Choosing the right voice talent is vital part of presenting your sales messages, and you will need to do some research in your market to determine what your clients will resonate the most with. Finding a voice over artist with experience can make the process of developing your project much nicer; make the time to interview and review each candidate to determine just the perfect fit for your needs.