Choosing Sample Scripts For Potential Voice Actors

February 11, 2010

If you’re considering hiring voice over talent for an upcoming project, you’ll need to schedule an interview, review demo tapes, and request a sample script reading from potential applicants. Voice over scripts make it easier to find just the right match for your business, and can make the interview process much more valuable. Think of the script as a sample of work your applicants can produce for you.

You don’t need to give applicants too long to prepare for a sample script reading, as there is generally no line memorization involved. The applicants can make use of the script as they perform their reading, so they should only need an hour or so to get comfortable with the script before going into the studio.

Many companies struggle with determining what type of tone and style they are looking for. The best way to start is to narrow down who you are marketing to . Learning the demographics of the target market will help you narrow down the different types of voices that would be most appropriate for your advertising or other promotions. This approach can also help eliminate most of the voice over talent applicants during the initial stages, making your hiring process much easier.

In order to decide what sample scripts you will use, you will need to think about several different factors; you will need to select scripts that will give you a good idea of the breadth and nature of your applicants’ talents. To make sure that you choose voice talent that is a tonal and stylistic match with what your business is trying to accomplish, you will also want to consider what type of marketing you’re trying to create. What are the general themes you’re looking to tackle? Will the tone be authoritative, or do you want to make listeners laugh? These decisions will guide you in the selection of your sample scripts.

Finding voice over scripts is easy with a simple search online. Many script databases are available free of charge, and give you a chance to search by keyword, theme, or subject. Look for scripts that are similar in scope to your field, or pick something that challenges the applicant to try different styles and themes. Many voice over script collections are royalty-free, affordable, and from trusted sites and projects. These can also be a great resource for developing and adapting your own scripts, and give you some more ideas for making different types of scripts with your key goals in mind.

In making the final decisions as to whether or not to hire a particular voice actor, you’re going to want to be able to refer to his or her demo and compare it side-by side with the tapes of other applicants. This demo should include several script selections that are representative of an actor’s range of talents, and how well they will fit in with your vision of the marketing you would like to produce. You may either have your voice actors send in demos along with their applications, or complete them in your studio.

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